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Mon Majord'home offers a turnkey solution to make good rental investments with complete peace of mind. Their complete service for their B2C client includes:

  1. Development of an investment strategy aligned with the personal objectives of the client.
  2. Selection and assistance in the acquisition of real estate offering an attractive return.
  3. Supervision of renovation work to prevent unforeseen events.
  4. Writing advertisements and managing rental aspects.


Mon Majord'home approached us with the desire to optimize their website. This included editing text through our copywriting tool, revising the user interface by turning blocks of text into highlighted points, and AB testing entire pages they had prepared in advance.

In just a few minutes, Mon Majord'home was able to install our Wordpress plugin on their site, thus launching the conversion tests on their pages. Our system automatically generated 44 variants on 5 pages. We started monitoring traffic, spotting pain points, generating fixes and finally evaluating the impact of changes on user behavior.

Following our intervention, the Mon Majord'home landing page saw its conversion rate improve significantly, up to 22%. This resulted in an increase in lead generation, and therefore, customers.

Beyond improving the user experience for Mon Majord'home customers, our technology has helped to optimize their conversion rate. Most importantly, it freed up valuable time for the MMH team, allowing them to focus on value-added activities such as customer acquisition and SEO, rather than data analysis and AB testing implementation. .

Thanks to our large-scale experimentation approach, Mon Majord'home was able to make decisions based on concrete data, optimize the user experience and stimulate customer engagement. The result ? An increase in online sales and significant growth for the business.

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