Veuch Use Case: Homepage Experimentation at Scale

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Veuch is a French brand that offers natural and effective solutions to help men deal with hair loss. The brand provides free educational content on its blog to help people understand hair loss and has a supportive community of individuals who help each other through the process. Veuch also offers products (shampoos, serums and food supplements) to help stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Veuch mainly distributes its products through its website: To help customers in their choices, veuch has imagined a virtual advisor: the hairscan. In a few questions, he advises you on the best products to answer your personal problems. Like all e-commerce sites, Veuch has high stakes in converting its traffic into customers. That's why they used Webyn to generate more orders.


Together, we imagined a test plan on 9 parameters on their homepage, including:

  • text modifications, including rewriting with Webyn Copywriter;
  • UX modifications with a repositioning of their promotional banner;
  • UI changes with an A/B/C test on the hero's background image.

They installed the Webyn plugin on their site developed with Webflow and the tests could begin. Webyn automatically generated all 1720 homepage variations. We then started to analyze the traffic, while exploring the first impacts of the various changes made on the page.

After the experiment, we observed an 28% improvement in Veuch's conversion rate, a significant increase that resulted in increased online sales for the company. The AI-generated copies proved to be more effective, and we were able to determine the most effective hero background image.

Using Webyn's large-scale experimentation approach, Veuch was able to make data-driven decisions and optimize their website to improve their online effectiveness. The partnership between Veuch and Webyn has resulted in improved customer engagement, increased online sales and ultimately business growth.

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