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HHC.fr is a French brand offering natural and effective hemp-based wellness solutions. Their product line includes flowers, resin, oils, and HHC gummies. These products are distributed mainly via their website: hhc.fr. Like all e-commerce sites that use paid acquisition techniques, HHC faces the challenge of converting its traffic to its landing pages. That's why the brand turned to Webyn to improve the conversion rate and generate more orders.


Together, we designed and developed a landing page with a test plan of 3 parameters on their homepage, including:

  • text modifications, including rewriting with Webyn Copywriter;
  • UI changes with an A/B/C/D/E test on the hero's background image.

In a few minutes, Webyn installed its Wordpress plugin on the HHC.fr site, allowing them to launch the conversion tests for their landing page. The system automatically created 20 variations of the page, on which we began to analyze the traffic in order to assess the first impacts of the changes made.

At the end of the experiment, the conversion rate of the landing page saw a significant improvement of 25%, which translated into an increase in online sales for the company. The AI-generated copies were particularly effective, as was the background image selected for the landing page.

Our technology has also improved the user experience on the HHC.fr landing page, as well as optimizing SEO content and web performance. These improvements resulted in a significant increase in the landing page's Quality Score from 4/10 to 8/10, as well as a 77% reduction in cost per click, resulting in a CPC of just 0 €.28 compared to €1.23 initially, as shown in the graph below taken from Google Ads:


Webyn's large-scale experimentation approach allowed HHC to make data-driven decisions and optimize its landing page to improve performance. Through this partnership, customer engagement was improved, online sales increased, and the business experienced significant growth. On top of that, Webyn helped control customer acquisition costs by dramatically reducing the cost per click of its Google ads. By working together, HHC and Webyn have successfully implemented effective solutions to achieve corporate goals and strengthen its market position.

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