Turn your Wordpress website visitors into customers in seconds.


Enhance the user experience on your website with the power of artificial intelligence. At Webyn.ai, we specialize in optimizing websites by analyzing visitor behavior and implementing impactful changes in website content and design to boost conversions.

Our WordPress plugin simplifies the integration of Webyn’s website optimization services, allowing you to effortlessly tap into the following benefits:

  • Behavior Analysis: Analyze your traffic behavior and identify pain points in the user journey, enabling you to make data-driven improvements.
  • AB Testing: Experiment with different variations to achieve real improvements in user experience, ensuring optimal results.
  • AI-Generated Content: Utilize the power of AI to generate high-quality, engaging content for your website, captivate your audience, and drive conversions.

Unlock the potential of your website with Webyn’s advanced AI-driven optimization solutions. Maximize conversions, enhance user satisfaction, and boost your online success.


To install Webyn Wordpress Plugin, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Plugins" section of your WordPress Admin Pannel and search for "Webyn" (or download it from Wordpress Plugin Page).
  2. Click on the "Install Now" button.
  3. Activate the plugin after it has been installed.

Wordpress x Webyn.ai Admin Panel Install Webyn Wordpress Plugin


To configure this plugin and optimize your WordPress website, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Login or create an account on Webyn plateform.
  2. Get integration information on Webyn plateform.
  3. On Wordpress Admin Panel, go to Settings > Webyn Settings and copy your Client Id (see image below)
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured the Webyn Plugin for WordPress. You can now leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize your website and enhance the user experience.

Wordpress x Webyn.ai: Set up webyn plugin on admin panel Set up Webyn Wordpress Plugin on admin panel


If you need help using Webyn.ai Plugin, please feel free to contact us at wordpress@webyn.ai. We offer support via email and are always happy to assist you.